Amazon takes on QVC

/ Editor - 8 March 2021

Amazon take on The live shopping networks to bring in a live television shopping like experience

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Today I thought I would talk about Amazon Latest product announcement. Amazon Live you maybe be able to get involved and get in there early if you are an Amazon seller or brand that sells on Amazon.

Let’s begin

Amazon is taking on QVC shopping channel with there new service Amazon live. It features live-streamed video from Amazon sellers as well as brands that broadcast their own live streams through this new app, Amazon Live Creator.

On the live shows, hosts talk about and demonstrate products available for sale on Amazon, much like QVC. Then underneath g to he video is a carousel of products where shoppers can browse, look at product details and possibly make a purchase.

Unlike QVC their will be multiple video streams on Amazon Live at the same time, so Amazon shoppers can just channel flick to the one that has the products they are most interested in.

You can change the different video streams as well as watch recordings of those videos that were recently live witch you missed or view which live shows that are coming up next.

Example of content:

In February Amazon Live was streaming a Valentine’s Day Shopping show, a cooking-focused show and Back to Business Live, which is focusing on products aimed at schools.

the live-streaming part of the site is available at

Its not listed in Amazon’s main navigation menus so it seems to still being tested by the brand.

As of a recent update of their mobile app, there’s now a link in the menu named “Amazon Live” that appears on both the iOS and Android.

Not the first time

This is not the first time Amazon has offered live streams. The retailer has dabbled in live streaming in the past, with mixed results.

A couple of years ago, shut down a live streaming shopping show called Style Code Live, which also offered a similar experience to QVC-like home shopping. The live show had hosts from TV and broadcast. They then brought in experts to talk about beauty and style tips. This seemed to be Amazon testing the waters.

But Style Code Live focused only on fashion and beauty and the female market.

They have also ran Prime day live streams and deal based live streams with brands in there today’s deals page. But only seemingly one offs.

Given that live streams that would sometimes appear around big sales, like Prime Day. But Amazon has not promoted its live video directly to online shoppers since Style Code Live.

Amazon Live, covers all kinds of products, ranging from smart home tech to kitchen items and much more. It’s also positioned differently.

Instead of being a single live video show featuring only Amazon hired stuff and guests, live streaming is something Amazon is opening up to brands that want to reach a wider audience and get their products discovered on Amazon.

Amazon has been interested in live streaming for some time. The company patented its idea around live video shopping last year and was hiring for its Amazon Live.

So what’s next:

Last month Amazon launched the Amazon Live creators app for brands and Amazon’s move to create a link in the menu to the Amazon Live on its mobile app indicates that live video is becoming a much bigger effort for the retailer.

QVC itself just announced its new identity, plans to venture deeper into e-commerce, and shoppable video app.

This increased focus on live video also comes at a time when Instagram seems to be going the other way as it is being rumored to be working on a standalone shopping app, and is heavily pushing its creator-focused IGTV product into users’ home feeds.

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