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The Soloman Paradox Of Perspective: How to Sell Ice to an Eskimo

Selling ice to an Eskimo is a classic example of a seemingly impossible task. But what if there was a way to look at it from a different perspective, utilizing the Solomon Paradox? If you’re looking to improve your sales skills and learn how to sell practically anything, read on.
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15 April 2023

The Solomon Paradox is the idea that people are better at giving advice to others than they are at solving their own problems. By applying this concept to sales, we can shift our perspective and find creative solutions to seemingly impossible tasks like selling ice to an Eskimo.

Today we will explore the Solomon Paradox and how it can be applied to sales. We will also provide practical tips and techniques to help you sell anything – even to people who initially seem uninterested or skeptical. So, if you want to become a better salesperson and learn how to sell ice to an Eskimo, keep reading.

The psychology behind Solomon’s Paradox can be extremely useful in marketing, as it helps us.

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Exploring The Impact Perspective Shifting

We will explore the science behind Soloman's Paradox and provide practical tips for how you can use perspective shifting to improve your own relationships and communication skills.
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10 April 2023

Would you say that you think more clearly and wisely about other people’s problems than your own?

We all want to be successful, but sometimes it feels like the biggest challenge we face is ourselves. We know how to identify problems and offer solutions in other people’s projects, but when it comes to our own work, it can feel like we’re climbing Everest.

We spend so much time thinking about what needs to change and how we can improve our own products or businesses that we miss out on the opportunities for growth that are seemingly right in front of us.


Think about this for a moment:

What would happen if you gave yourself the same level of care and attention you give your friend’s problem? What could you accomplish if you stepped back, thought about how you would solve it from an outside perspective and embraced difficulty head-on instead of running away from it?


In Psychology, this is called the Soloman’s Paradox, the phenomenon of finding it easier to offer solutions for someone else’s problems. Yet we struggle to solve our own problems due to our lack of impartiality and familiarity with them..

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