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Marketing, Being Authentic & Copycats

/ Editor - 21 December 2020
Marketing is Never Free, know one wants you to be authentic & please don’t copy other people.

Hello Everyone

I want to talk to you today about how marketing is never free, even organic methods. In traditional marketing you always needed a budget. Why because thing cost money. Whether that was Radio Ads, Billboards, Travel Ads, Product Placement, you name it, It most Likely costs money. We can talk about guerrilla marketing But even that Requires some costs.

So where has this idea of free marketing come from. Is it things Like SEO, Social Media and other Organic methods. Well let’s be honest, this is not really free, it’s a Different kind of budget, Yes not money but time. You are swapping your time for money when you work a 9-5 Job but In the case of organic marketing You are swapping your free time For content, content You may not even Like, content you think will make someone buy from you. That’s not good content and a bad use of time. I am not saying organic marketing is bad I am Just saying it is not free if You value your time and if you want to do organic marketing make it your own don’t just copy others because you think it is working. Create because you’re trying to help someone with their problem. Invest your time wisely and make every bit of content count. Your prospects are going to respect the consistently but if it is just a sales pitch with no value they will hate you for being so obvious.

Time is money and it’s better you spend it on things you will be proud of. It’s OK to have a hobby but in Less you don’t plan on making money. If you plan on making money it’s a job that you need to put time into and understand What Your Value is, if you’re just copying then your prospects can find this somewhere else.


Know one wants you to be authentic

This brings me to other point I would like to make which is don’t try to be authentic no one really wants you to be. They may say they want you to be authentic but that’s a misunderstanding or just a lie.

People start making calculating decisions as soon as they’re out of nappies. We’re constantly thinking about the impact of our actions. Even little decisions impact how people think about us, our ideas, or our causes. In that sense, no one is ever really authentic because every decision and action has a hidden meaning, even if it’s subconscious.

Even trying to actually be authentic has limitations.

a person who authentically wants to go to work naked can’t, just like someone who authentically wants to have bad manners during a meeting or take office equipment can’t.

We can claim to be authentic, but there are always rules and other motives that impact our actions.

For me, it’s not “do what you feel like doing,” because that’s unlikely to be useful.

You might feel like hanging out on the beach, telling off your boss or generally making nothing much of value. Authenticity as an impulse is hardly something to aspire to.

It’s not, “say whatever is on your mind,” either.

I define it as, “consistent emotional labour.”

Instead, you should be consistent. “Consistent means you made a promise to me about how I expect you to behave, and you keep that promise,” In order to function and be successful, companies, managers, and employees need to be consistent.

Your consumer still are a normal person trying to find an answer to a normal problem. Whether that be entertainment or to be taught a new Lesson. It all starts with a problem that needs solving. Be the person that solves your prospects need not just another copycat.


Don’t be a copycat

Your viewers will find more value out of your content. If you help them understand the solution. With everyone making content, be the personality that stands out from the others.

Every piece of marketing is not free it is either your time or money, with either, you need to make count, copying is a waste of time and just spending money on things that don’t work will waste your money. So put out content you care about that you know your prospects will care about adding value to their Life or Job.

I hope this has helped and added some clarity to your otherwise uncertain company future.

Until next time this has been Jack Thomson



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