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Yahoo to Lay Off 20% of Roles amid Advertising Business Reshuffle

/ Editor - 13 February 2023
Organizational Change and the Illusion of Control

Yahoo has announced a 20% job cut of 1,000 people, which is part of their plan to create a new division, Yahoo Advertising. This follows several industry layoffs recently and Disney’s plans to cut 7,000 jobs last week.

When Yahoo announced mass layoffs this week, it was a stark reminder that sometimes business decisions can be sudden and difficult. And despite best intentions and attempts to anticipate change, the truth is that we never have complete control over what happens. That’s why we must always look for ways to embrace unpredictable changes in order to survive and even thrive.

Leaders in any industry understand this concept well. When companies need to restructure their operations or adjust existing strategies—often with limited information—they must make tough calls. In many cases, survival depends on finding creative solutions that prioritize long-term viability while minimizing redundancies in the immediate future.

Ultimately, this means striving for a better balance between meeting short-term needs while investing in core capabilities that could lead to sustained value creation over time. It also means recognizing when certain activities become too costly or inefficient relative to other responsibilities at hand, and then making bold changes accordingly.

Although difficult decisions like these are often unavoidable, looking back through history we can typically recognize how necessary they were for overall growth. True innovation requires constant improvement which comes from adapting rapidly to changing external conditions and shifts in perception toward our products and services. This can only be accomplished when we learn from our mistakes and embrace new opportunities as they arise.

Yahoo’s mass layoffs are just one small example of how businesses must remain agile if they wish to stay competitive—which again requires surrendering some semblance of control over outcomes in exchange for the chance to remain relevant for years to come.

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