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Writing Calls-to-Action That Rock (And Don’t Suck!)

/ Editor - 2 April 2023
Learn the secrets to writing a compelling call-to-action that will get readers to take action. Crafting calls-to-action that don't suck is easy!

Every writer knows a good call-to-action can make or break an campaign or article.

A call-to-action is the instruction within an article that encourages readers to do something, such as click on a link, sign up for a newsletter, or buy a product.

It should be powerful enough to motivate the reader to take action yet clear and unobtrusive enough not to push them away.

As tempting as it may be to write calls-to-action in an overly aggressive manner – demanding that the reader take action now! – this does more harm than good.

Pushy marketing tactics give readers an impression of insincerity, so create a sense of trustworthiness instead. Appeal to their emotions with persuasive language, backed up by facts and figures if possible.

Make sure your call is relevant and tailored specifically to them; no one wants generic offers that could apply to anyone else. The more personalized it is, the better chance you have of converting readers into customers.

Another important factor is the language used in your call-to-action.


Keep it simple, direct and focused on the action you want people to take; avoid jargon or overly complicated wording which can cloud its meaning.

Also try to avoid passive language when possible and instead use active, positive words such as ‘Buy Now’, ‘Sign Up Today’ or ‘Learn More Here’.

When developing a CTA (call-to-action) try using questions or statements that demonstrate curiosity rather than commands. This allows you to capture attention without sounding too forceful. For example: “Curious about how we can help? Click here…”

I remember a quote from Seth Godin: “Stop being clever for a second and start being clearly understood.” In other words, it pays to be forceful yet straightforward with your calls to action – make sure readers know exactly what they are supposed to do and why they should do it now!

A simple yet effective tip to optimize a calls-to-action is to include strong visuals like buttons or eye catching images to draw attention where you want it and encourage clicks from readers who are already engaged with your writing.

Lastly consider adding urgency when appropriate by including phrases like “limited edition”or “hurry! Only 1 day left” – but only once you’ve established interest first!

If done correctly, a good call-to-action can be one of the most useful tools in driving conversions and customer engagement – so write them carefully with impactful language that engages readers while prompting them toward taking decisive action.

At the end of the day, nothing puts all this advice into practice like sitting down and actually writing true CTA’s that are useful for your audience. Convincing readers isn’t easy but if done properly it will make all the difference in boosting conversions from skimmers into customers, along with increasing brand loyalty.

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