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/ Editor - 24 December 2020
A lot of companies have set up Email newsletters in a rush, Don't just send random marketing promos. Lets being some clarity back to a once trendy method of communication.

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Today I would like to talk about Email Marketing specifically opt-in Emails. This is different to outreach Emails because your customers have opted in to these via a sign up Form, Download or Purchase depending on how You have Your campaigns set up. A lot of companies have set up Email newsletters in a rush as It was a trend that become popular over the years but now they seem to have become just either a random set of marketing promos or a Forgotten about Part of your Strategy.

So Let’s being some clarity back to a once trendy method of communication.

A Few Things You Need To Remember About Email:

With email You need to remember a few things. One being that most peoples email accounts are a busy place with a lot of emails going In and out with a range of priority, you don’t want to be low on that priority as that is an easy way for people to unsubscribe or worse end up in the spam folder. The second thing is gone are the days were people will read all there emails, and they don’t want lots From the same brands, they want a choice of the things they care about some consumers want the tips some want the marketing emails some want discounts and some wants all 3, if you offer a choice than gives you the best chance to get read and not put into the spam folder or get an unsubscribe. Once they opt-in allowing them to pick from preferences.

Making Your Emails More Personal:

Now let’s talk making your emails more personal after all no one want email they want me-mail. There’s a bunch of ways to do this, let’s talk about a few. Birthday emails are a great way to give your consumer a nice birthday wish and maybe a birthday discount.

A welcome email can be good but don’t over do it too much because they will not read all of it that email you want it to be short and snappy. Country based emails can be good too if they are In a country with a specific holiday. With the amount of email providers out there providing personalization and automation features this has become a lot easier to action than before with some even offering direct mail (if you have an address).

Collect A Good Amount of Data:

This leads me on to my next point, with all of this you do need to make sure you collect a good amount of data, but using a normal newsletter or download opt-in can put people off. So I suggest you use the basic form for newsletter and downloads for example name, Email then incentivizes them to make a first small purchase, that leads them Into your marketing funnel this way when they are making their purchase you can ask what’s your birthday, address and any other bit of data you need for your personalization or automation needs.

This way it is warming up your lead opposed to just hitting them with lots of marketing promos they probably will never open or buy. Your aim is not to sale but to build brand relationship with your customer and not Scare them off.

I hope this has helped and added some clarity to your otherwise uncertain company future.

Until next time this has been Jack Thomson

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