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How It’s Gonna Get Done In 2021!

/ Editor - 25 January 2021
happy new year
Whatever your goals are for this year, I would like to brainstorm some ideas on things that you should be bearing in mind when planning in 2021.

Hello Everyone

Today I would like to talk about your goals for 2021. Whatever your goals are for this year, I would like to brainstorm some ideas on things that you should be bearing in mind when planning in 2021. I have come up with 7 ways to help streamline your business planning that you can do right now. While everyone else is still stuck on all the news (good or bad) about Covid-19.

If you’re going to get ahead this year, streamlining your business is vital.

So, Here are the seven things that you should be bearing in mind when planning in 2021.


1. STM:

Speed To Market

S-T-M stands for Speed To Market. Generating awareness of your products in the marketplace is more important than anything. Create the desire, the excitement and the buzz first. Then when you’re ready to deliver your customers will be not only ready to buy, they’ll be in a hurry to buy. Most writers do market research and some even announce their books, before they even typed a single word. Announce now and deliver later.


2. M.O:

Multiple Offers

M-O stands for Multiple Offers. Customers have always looked around before buying. Technology makes it easier for them to do it from the comfort of their own home without going anywhere. If you want to be the customer’s first and only option, you need to have a variety of products and a price structure to match, which allows you to make multiple offers. This includes a free offer at the beginning of the sales process. An offer at the middle of your buyers journey to pull them further in and a final upsell to close the bigger deal. Think of it this way. Would you rather pass up a sale because you couldn’t fulfil the customer’s needs or wouldn’t budge on price…or would you prefer to make a little profit this time around and gain a loyal customer who you can upsell in the long-term?


3. B.O:

Be Omnipresent

B-O stands for be OMNIPRESENT. Your main objective should be to be everywhere. If people don’t know you they can’t follow you and you can’t help them. This might sound overwhelming but start small and build up and don’t forget you can always repurpose content. This is why you see most personal brands on just about every social media platform; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tik-Tok, you name it. The market makes it critical to be omnipresent but thankfully technology makes it possible.


4. P.N.P:

Promotion Not Perfection

P-N-P stands for Promotion Not Perfection. If you wait for “Perfection” you’re going to be waiting a long time and while you are, your competition is going to run circles around you. Don’t let the pursuit of perfection stop you from moving forward. Remember that while you’re perfecting, your competitors are promoting and taking your customers.


5. A.B.A:

Always Be Acquiring

A-B-A stands for Always Be Acquiring. You may have heard of the Golden Rule in sales A.B.C “Always Be Closing” but this is different to A.B.A. Streamlining your business starts with this new rule of Always Be Acquiring Clients. You’ve gotta keep your pipeline full at all times. This means constantly going after leads. Keep your pipeline full with A.B.A. in your mind and there will always be a deal to be had and if your clients leave or go bust there are always another 20 right behind them to take there place.


6. D.D:

Double Down

D-D stands for Double Down. This sounds so simple but people ignore this and make things harder for them selfs. It’s as simple as this. If something works once, it’ll work twice. If it works twice, it’ll work four times and so on. Even in my company, people are always trying to reinvent things that work. It’s unnecessary and counterproductive. If it stops working then you stop doing it but until then keep doing it.


7. A.N.S:

Automate and Scale

A-N-S stands for Automate and Scale. Once your business is up and running you need to shift into expansion mode. But how do you transition from handling the day-to-day operations to expanding? Good question you need to put managers and procedures in place so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. You can then focus on the Scaling so you can achieve your goals. In today’s technology-driven service economy, it’s easy for any business to automate and scale.


A Great Mantra To Follow

Moving forward as you set out to grow and streamline your business, you’ve got to have this mantra in your head at all times.

Form an idea, create an offer, promote it, push it, sell it, close it…and when it’s time to deliver you OVERDELIVER!


So that’s how it’s gonna get done in 2021!

Until next time this has been Jack Thomson

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