The Soloman Paradox Of Perspective: How to Sell Ice to an Eskimo

Selling ice to an Eskimo is a classic example of a seemingly impossible task. But what if there was a way to look at it from a different perspective, utilizing the Solomon Paradox? If you’re looking to improve your sales skills and learn how to sell practically anything, read on.

The Solomon Paradox is the idea that people are better at giving advice to others than they are at solving their own problems. By applying this concept to sales, we can shift our perspective and find creative solutions to seemingly impossible tasks like selling ice to an Eskimo. Today we will explore the Solomon Paradox […]

How the NBA is Setting a New Standard in Email Personalization

The NBA boosted click-through rates on its email campaigns by 42% and conversion rates by 63% 

The NBA has found success in boosting click-through rates and conversion rates for its email campaigns by incorporating dynamic personalized touches. Through a partnership with Movable Ink, the campaigns utilized real-time game content, personalized banners, image personalization, and gamification to keep fans engaged. While personalization at scale has been a challenge for marketers, the NBA’s […]

Pepsi’s New Logo for 2023: The impact on branding and marketing.

Pepsi recently announced that they will be updating their logo in 2023. This news has caused a stir among branding experts and marketing professionals alike.

The logo of a company is one of the most important elements of their brand identity, and any changes made to it can have a significant impact on their image and success. We explore the potential impact of Pepsi’s new logo on their branding and marketing efforts. We will take a closer look at the […]

Exploring The Impact Perspective Shifting

We will explore the science behind Soloman's Paradox and provide practical tips for how you can use perspective shifting to improve your own relationships and communication skills.

We will explore the science behind Soloman’s Paradox and provide practical tips for how you can use perspective shifting to improve your own relationships and communication skills.

The Art of Writing a Great Call to Action: 3 Essential Components

Lead readers to take action with this essential guide to crafting amazing calls-to-action. Learn the 3 components of success and how to use them.

Writing effective calls-to-action that actually work isn’t always easy, but it can be one of the most useful tools in driving conversions and customer engagement. Crafting a powerful CTA requires understanding your audience and what they are looking for, as well as using strong visuals and language that is direct, simple, and focused on the […]

Writing Calls-to-Action That Rock (And Don’t Suck!)

Learn the secrets to writing a compelling call-to-action that will get readers to take action. Crafting calls-to-action that don't suck is easy!

Every writer knows a good call-to-action can make or break an campaign or article. A call-to-action is the instruction within an article that encourages readers to do something, such as click on a link, sign up for a newsletter, or buy a product. It should be powerful enough to motivate the reader to take action […]

Yahoo to Lay Off 20% of Roles amid Advertising Business Reshuffle

Organizational Change and the Illusion of Control

Yahoo has announced a 20% job cut of 1,000 people, which is part of their plan to create a new division, Yahoo Advertising. This follows several industry layoffs recently and Disney’s plans to cut 7,000 jobs last week. When Yahoo announced mass layoffs this week, it was a stark reminder that sometimes business decisions can […]

Sainsbury’s plans to spend £50M to cut prices as discounters gain market share in 2022

Sainsbury’s plans to spend £50 million to cut prices of its own brand products over the next year.

Sainsbury’s is investing a further £50m into lowering prices over the next four months, as shoppers continue to turn to discount supermarkets amid the cost of living crisis. Over £15m has been specifically allocated towards maintaining low prices on festive food, with the supermarket holding the price of its Christmas dinner at the same level […]