Yahoo to Lay Off 20% of Roles amid Advertising Business Reshuffle

Organizational Change and the Illusion of Control

Yahoo has announced a 20% job cut of 1,000 people, which is part of their plan to create a new division, Yahoo Advertising. This follows several industry layoffs recently and Disney’s plans to cut 7,000 jobs last week. When Yahoo announced mass layoffs this week, it was a stark reminder that sometimes business decisions can […]

Sainsbury’s plans to spend £50M to cut prices as discounters gain market share in 2022

Sainsbury’s plans to spend £50 million to cut prices of its own brand products over the next year.

Sainsbury’s is investing a further £50m into lowering prices over the next four months, as shoppers continue to turn to discount supermarkets amid the cost of living crisis. Over £15m has been specifically allocated towards maintaining low prices on festive food, with the supermarket holding the price of its Christmas dinner at the same level […]

What Is a North Star Metric?: An Overview of an Important Concept

Are you struggling to measure results? Maybe you don’t even know what metrics matter when it comes to measuring ROI. In this post, we’ll explain what a North Star metric is and why they matter.

There are lots of different types of metrics that you could track, but only some of them actually matter. We’ll cover the one that really matters (North Star Metrics) and how to find yours in this post. North Star Metric is the single most important metric you should focus on as a leader because it […]

What is target market with 5 examples from Brands you love?

  Hello Marketers   Today I want to talk about targeting specifically target market, one of the most important things in marketing, because without it, you’re just throwing money into the abyss. What you’re aiming for is a specific person—probably a person that’s already thinking about the problem that your product or service solves and […]

Amazon takes on QVC

Today I thought I would talk about Amazon Latest product announcement. Amazon Live you maybe be able to get involved and get in there early if you are an Amazon seller or brand that sells on Amazon.

Australia vs Facebook:

Today I would like to talk to you about the new mandatory bargaining code which is the result of many years of complaints from traditional media outlets that social media platforms benefit from the hard graft of journalists without paying a cent for it.

The Death of Bounce Rate

Today I want to talk to you about a day some will say was a bad day and some will say was a long time coming. The death of bounce rate. Let me explain.

Remembering Music Mag Ads From The 90s

Today I wanted to do a less serious journal entry. One about nostalgia and music. There were two things growing up that I loved music and marketing and there were times they collided.

How Flexible is Brand Image

Today I want to talk to you about Brand image & how flexible it truly is, if you believe most marketers its not very flexible at all but they are wrong brand image is very flexible.